Five Star Hygiene Rating for Carouse

Five Star Hygiene Rating for Carouse

We're pleased to announce that the hard work has paid off! Carouse has been awarded a five-star hygiene rating by the Environmental Health Officer from St Helens Council.

EHO food hygiene ratings can be tricky. Whilst they give the public a good idea of the cleanliness of the food and drinks production areas, they're about much more than that. A food hygiene rating speaks to the organisation, effectiveness and professionalism of the systems, people and processes the business employs in order to serve guests. This means that an EHO rating is as much about good paperwork as it is cleaning regimes. 

A five star hygiene rating for Carouse means that an appointed official has determined, from inspection and questioning, that Carouse has good people that are well-trained and who diligently and systematically ensure that your tapas and drinks are free from contamination. 

It is not easy to achieve a five star rating and we're proud of every single member of the team as every one of them have contributed to this rating. Nikki and the kitchen team have lead the charge, supported by Dave and the front-of-house team.

Carouse is the latest Rainhill food and drink establishment to achieve five stars, securing Rainhill's place as a clean, safe, high quality to eat, drink and enjoy.


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