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Food with Personality

Tapas is the perfect casual dining experience. Order and enjoy your selected plates as they drip their way out of the kitchen throughout your meal. Sharing (or not) 3 to 4 plates per person tends to be an ideal amount of food. Or why not save yourself for one of our handmade desserts?

Cheesecake anyone?

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Main Menu

The main tapas menu is available during all food service hours and runs alongside any offers as well as the Mid Week Menu

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Mid Week Menu

3 tapas plates and a drink for just £18.99 per person. The mid week menu is available Tuesday evenings; all day Wednesday and Thursday; and until 4:00pm on Friday.

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Book Your Table at Carouse

Booking isn't essential, but it's advised. Click the link below to book for up to 7 people or give us a call to book for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about allergies?

Eating out when you have an allergy, intolerance or food preference can be a nightmare. You worry if there's anything you can eat and, those with severe allergies, need to feel safe and confident that their food and drinks have no cross-contamination. You'll see the menu (top of each page) indicates which food sare gluten-free and those which are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Moreover you can speak directly to the kitchen team. It's best to let us know when booking and again on arrival if you have an allergy or intolerance so we can make sure everyone is aware. If you have an airborne allergy, please speak to us on the phone before coming down.

Do I need to book?

It isn't essential but it is recommended. Booking your table is quick and easy (click here). You'll be able to choose your day, time and let us know of any seating or allergy preferences.

Is there a deposit?

A deposit is taken on booking for parties of 5+. The deposit is deducted from your bill when paying.

Will all my food arrive at once?

Tapas is a casual dining experience. Infact, "Tapa" means "cover". Legend has it that the King of Spain ordered a glass of wine in Cadiz which was served with a piece of bread and a slice of meat to cover the wine from flies. Therefore, traditionally, tapas dishes are served with each round of drinks. Whilst we don't adhere strictly to tradition, once ordered, your small plates drop out from the kitchen to be enjoyed casually. At quiet times this can be pretty-much all-at-once whereas busier times may mean there is a delay between plates. The sharing nature of our menu, though, should mean that everyone has something to enjoy

I'm celebrating, can I bring a cake?

You are welcome to bring your own balloons, (reasonable) decorations, cake to sing happy birthday and then take it home to tuck-in. Let us know in advance as there may be ingredients to which other guests are severely allergic. In cases of severe nut allergies with an airborne sensitivity, we must ensure all nut-containing products are off the premises.

Do you have any offers available?

The best place to check for offers and discounts is always our social media grid and stories. You'll find links to our social media feeds at the bottom of this page